Disappointed with your limited singing capacity? Worry no-more. Break through your vocal barriers implementing these winning singing techniques, and before you know it you will be singing higher and lower in no time. Other than the handy free info in this post – If you are looking for in-depth training you have two options: face-to-face… Read More

Vocalists have to regulate their breathing or they end up being fatigued rapidly and their singing suffers. I have actually never ever yet seen a vocalist– regardless of what genre they sung– who didn’t see radical enhancement by doing breathing exercises. Begin by taking a good breath, filling your lungs right down to the pit… Read More

Many people have dreams of being able sing or playing an instrument… But few do anything about it. What is holding you back from taking action?   – My lifestyle is too busy. This age old excuse is a favorite because we can all relate to not having enough time. But in reality, with our… Read More

Locate the very best Song writing Methods   The most ideal way for composing good lyrics is to constantly examine what the best have done before you. Anybody who has been successful in music have spent their lives immersed thinking of new creative projects. So rather than playing games on your phone or killing time… Read More

Never forget to warm your voice up Whatever you do, do not take too lightly! This is just one of one of the most essential points you’ll need to embrace before you can call yourself a vocalist. Similarly – top quality sportsmen wouldn’t  dream of playing without  first limbering up their bodies. The same goes… Read More