Vocalists have to regulate their breathing or they end up being fatigued rapidly and their singing suffers.

I have actually never ever yet seen a vocalist– regardless of what genre they sung– who didn’t see radical enhancement by doing breathing exercises.

Begin by taking a good breath, filling your lungs right down to the pit of your stomach. As you exhale try to visualize a candle in front of you, and your breath is moving so gradually that the flame does not extinguish as you breathe out.

Practice this 10 times.

On these next 5 breaths, select a good comfy note you are comfortable with and hold it with a pronounced tone of “Ahh” with the whole breath. Low notes are also excellent since they let the larynx relax. Utilize various pitch each time you take a breath.

For the next 5 breaths, make sure you are progressively dropping the volume for each note from no sound to medium volume and then back to absolutely no volume the whole time of the breath. Be sure to pick various pitch for each breath and don’t ever allow the pitch go sharp or flat. When doing these last 5 breaths all that you are altering is the volume.

For the final 5 breaths (25 in total)repeat what you did with the previous ones, but instead of altering the volume you need to sing your vowels (A,E,I,O,U). It is a great advantage to have a piano or keyboard to play notes then try to resite them back properly using this method

You are probably asking yourself why this is all so important? The reason why is because it trains your voice for smooth pitch. Great pitch is the cornerstone of great singing. It is also a common problem among a lot of aspiring singers.

Start practicing! Keep this up steadily and you will see great results!

For more info check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_vocal_technique


Many people have dreams of being able sing or playing an instrument… But few do anything about it.

What is holding you back from taking action?



– My lifestyle is too busy.

This age old excuse is a favorite because we can all relate to not having enough time. But in reality, with our lives being bombarded with time saving gadgets and conveniences, we are actually able to fit more into our lives than ever. The problem is, we prioritize this extra time we have with something else… Something we unconsciously prefer to do. This might mean, spending more time cooking dinner, or fitting in our favorite show before work or spending more time with our partner or family.

Many of us (including myself) have made the mistake of thinking that by taking the first step, everything will fall into place. For me it was the guitar. I bought a 2nd hand guitar and leaned it in the corner of my bedroom with a very good intention of playing… the trouble was, I never got around to it. Why? because I didn’t make it a priority in my lifestyle. I practiced a few times, and then never got back to it. It was a work injury that gave me a lot of time on my hands that lead me to learn properly in the end, but hopefully you won’t have to endure such extreme measures to get motivated.

The point I am trying to make is you have to take action then implement a schedule you will stick to. You may not realize it, but your day has more chunks of free time than you think… 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, but unless you are consciously looking out for it, you will just waste it surfing the net on your phone or checking Facebook. Think about all the time you have spent on Facebook and what it would add up to if you gathered all that time together… It would be weeks on end (if not more). Can you imagine what you could have achieved if you had directed that attention to something more rewarding like learning an instrument?

When you have identified these chunks of free time, be sure to note it in your schedule and try to make good use out of it!

The reward of being able to play music is a gift that soothes the soul. With the vast amount of free training at your fingertips be sure to choose the training instead of Facebook and maybe one day your music will be whats shared on social media.




Locate the very best Song writing Methods


The most ideal way for composing good lyrics is to constantly examine what the best have done before you. Anybody who has been successful in music have spent their lives immersed thinking of new creative projects. So rather than playing games on your phone or killing time on Facebook, set some quiet time for reflections on creativity. Use your phone for recording melodies and lyrics instead.Home recording studio


Understanding how you can compose a tune


Research songwriting and also spend time everyday to note down ideas. Don’t compose music that sounds like the stuff you listened to when you were in college… Instead try to immerse yourself in material that is popular now.

Be sure to examine what today’s music is structured. What style is dominating the radio?


Songwriting suggestions from professionals


Check out A&R companies to get critiques on your material. These companies are the middlemen between the producers/band members and the writers. These are the people who can find the right musicians who fit your songs. A leading online A&R hitquarters


How you can Market Your Tunes


Independent A&R firms like hitquarters could do a lot of the research for you, as well as could minimize the effort it requires promoting  your material. Send out duplicates of your work out to people of the industry that you assume are good match for the tunes. Stay away from thoughtlessly distributing your work, concentrate on artists that are making songs comparable to your music. If you find certain music comparable to your own, look in the CD jacket to establish which the authors are for those tunes. Try and research their A&R reps to you can have them listen your demo.

Of course, there is social media. Many of today’s recording artists have made their break via Youtube… Nowadays there are a lot more options. You will find spreading your content on as many sites as you can manage, and then backlinking them back to your website will create many more viewers.

If you feel like you have hit a roadblock with your songwriting, or you simply don’t know where to start and/or would like to take your musical interests to the next level then check out Wikihow




Never forget to warm your voice up

Whatever you do, do not take too lightly! This is just one of one of the most essential points you’ll need to embrace before you can call yourself a vocalist. Similarly – top quality sportsmen wouldn’t  dream of playing without  first limbering up their bodies. The same goes for vocalists preparing their voice for singing.

man singing

Prepare progressively

Once the voice has gradually been warmed up, begin your voice with your less vocally difficult tracks. This offers the voice the time to warm properly as well as limber up just before getting into tougher, more challenging verses.


Your Larynx

The positioning of the larynx can impact on the quality of your voice. The reducing of the larynx will certainly dim the tone while elevating the larynx will certainly lighten up the tone significantly.


Be mindful of your tongue

An additional element that will certainly alter your singing tone is the position of the tongue while you sing. By bringing the tongue ahead as well as touching its pointer to the back of the bottom teeth, the tone will certainly end up being brighter as well as more clear, as this tongue position will certainly develop a shallower, lessened room for vibration in the back of the mouth.


Record your singing

It is important for the vocalist to like their very own voice, nevertheless lots of vocalists will certainly reveal a disapproval for their voice after hearing it taped. By tape-recording sessions, the vocalist will certainly have the ability to identify locations that need to be worked on. Not to mention being a lot more knowledgeable about and their strengths and weaknesses in their very own voice.


Take a breath from the Diaphragm

Proper breathing from the bottom of the stomach involves the Thoracic Diaphragm – A trampoline-like muscular tissue extending throughout the bottom of the ribcage near the lungs. By understanding proper diaphragm breathing the vocalist learns to totally equip the voice to also assist a fuller stronger singing tone.


Do not eat anything

Before you sing, attempt to stay away from consuming anything… but if you must, at least stay away from dairy, or consuming alcoholic beverages. Dairy plays mayhem with mucous, which contributes to the general fatiguing of the voice. Hang around to have your meal after you have actually completed your performance.


Consume water

Make sure that you constantly have lots of water offered to rehydrate your precious voice box.


Always mix up your exercises

To make it as a vocalist you will certainly have to have a large range of singing exercises available. It is very important to engage with various vowel and also consonant forms, and also differing the pitch, quantity, rhythm and pace while practicing. For more singing tips check out BBC


Locate your best key

Whenever you are deciding on a tune to try out or practice, make certain that the key it is sung in, suits your voice. Undoubtedly, a singer is required to be able to hit all those notes reasonably easily. Nonetheless, bear in mind how your voice fits. Try to choose something you are comfortable to start with, to keep your confidence strong.


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